Our Process

Our motto at Cash Flow USA is “Live where you want… Invest where it makes sense.” As proof of our commitment to this, we have helped hundreds of clients invest in thousands of properties in strong markets where our team has a history of rich experience. It all comes down to a simple process that is time-tested and proven to get you started on a foolproof path to financial freedom and the lifestyle you want.

Choose the Market & Team

Cash Flow USA has handled investments in dozens of markets over the years. Now, we use our extensive knowledge to hand-pick markets that give the best indicators for cash flow – things like high rental demand, low house prices and high rents. These markets experience steady growth over time; many of them didn’t experience the crash that hit the rest of the nation in the 2008 housing market crisis.

Whichever market you choose, we have a fully integrated team in place that can service needs as they arise. What’s more, each of our clients speaks with a personal investment counselor who helps determine the best options for each specific case.


See the Markets

Choose the Property

Like the markets we work in, the properties we offer are well vetted. We examine the schools, crime rate and vacancy rate in the area, in addition to checking the property thoroughly before we determine it to be a worthy turnkey investment.

Our team will educate you on the different kinds of properties we offer and work alongside you to determine what best fits your goals.

Lock in the Deal

Once you’ve selected the market and property, you’ll have access to our network of preferred lenders who will help you finance your investment. They’ll work with you to lock in the deal, and then you can sit back and live your life as the passive income rolls in.

Our process was established to secure safe, solid, better-than-market returns. In fact, we often see Cash on Cash Returns above 11-12%. If you’re ready to secure your own financial freedom, press the button below to register with us.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Vicki, California

“Some concerns I had investing out of state were 1) making sure it was a good market and 2) ensuring I had the right team.   Dave & his team were able to resolve these concerns by taking a full day to walk me through their operation, familiarize me with various neighborhoods and view available houses, making me very comfortable with the market, properties, their rehab process and especially the team.

Another concern was the timeliness of monthly property income statements and related cash wires. Since closing on my properties the team have generated the monthly statements and wires on schedule. When I had questions, the team was gracious and timely in their responses.  

I wanted to ensure I had stability in the rental market in the cash flow market we chose. Dave and his team alleviated my concerns by showing me the low vacancy rates in their portfolio and the rapid turnover of tenants they have experienced.  I would highly recommend their team and their process. “